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                                                        COMPANY PROFILE

    Originally known as Springair Enterprise Taiwan, established in the year 1992, we changed our name to

    Guangzhou Faner Aroma Product Co., Ltd (abbr. Faner) when we moved our facility to Guangzhou, China in the year 2002.

    We have a facility of about 20,000 meters square located in the northern area of Guangzhou City with about 300 employees.

    With 23 years of experience in this industry, we have a strong and professional capability of designing and manufacturing

    most types of hygiene devices. We can always provide new and innovative solutions for our customers so they can 

    develop or choose from the most suitable systems according to their needs. Our R&D team is very experienced in this industry, 

    which enables us to provide our customers with a fast and effective developmental service.

    On the other hand, we also have our own mold workshop meaning molds can be made and maintained internally. We have 

    28 units of injection machines. This means we have total control over the entire production process from R&D, mold making,

    injection, and to the final assembly. Plus we has a very professional QC/QA team, which is audited by multinational companies,

     that keeps our products at a fairly consistent high quality standard for both ODM and OEM businesses.

    Apart from mechanical devices, our other main product is water-based gel air freshener. Demands for it has been growing 

    rapidly in the past 5 years as more and more people prefer green and environment-friendly air fresheners. In response to 

    our customer’s request, we can offer different formulations for both retail and commercial markets.

    The main categories of our products, which consists of more than 200 different models, are as follow:

     1. Water-based gel air freshener (daily output 35,000 pcs)

    2. Aerosol dispenser

     3. Pump spray dispenser (works with water-based refill, non-aerosol)

     4. Manual soap dispenser and automatic soap dispenser

     5. Fan air freshener dispenser

     6. Medical disinfectant dispenser 

     7. Hand, urinal, and toilet sanitizer dispenser

     8. Solenoid valve aerosol dispenser

     9. Aerosol actuators of diverse shapes

    10. Liquid pump spray actuator & spray cap 

    As for our production capacity, it now surpasses 100,000 pieces for dispensers and more than one million pieces for gel 

    air fresheners per month.

    Our market now covers most of the countries including those in Europe, North America, Latin America, South Africa, 

    the Middle East, South-East Asia, China, and Taiwan.All of our products are compliant with certifications such as UL & FCC

     of America and CE & RoHS of Europe. We are also audited by ISO9001-2000 for OEM & ODM procedures.

    During the recent years, we have been working to improve our manufacturing by introducing more and more 

    automatic assembly machines and renewing our QA management boards to meet higher standards, which is recognized

     and acknowledged by many renowned international enterprises. Through this, we improve our efficiency, productivity, 

    and costs which help us maintain a high level in quality while still being able to offer competitive prices for our customers.

    We encourage you to visit us in order to know us better. Our facility is located in a very convenient spot, just several 

    minutes away from the Guangzhou Airport ( Baiyun District ).  Let’s work together towards a prosperous future.

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